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Hi, I am Delaware bankruptcy lawyer Tim Weiler. My goal for most clients is to help them become debt free with Chapter 7 bankruptcy or find an affordable repayment plan under Chapter 13. I have successfully handled over one thousand bankruptcy cases in Delaware. I hope that this website will answer some of your questions about consumer bankruptcy in Delaware.

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In 2009 4,630 bankruptcies were filed in Delaware. In the same year, 3,400 divorces were filed statewide. Think about the number of people you know that have been divorced, that is roughly equal to the number of people who have filed bankruptcy.

Do I Really Need A Delaware Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you are overwhelmed with debt for whatever reason, you need to stop beating yourself up about it and look at the toll it is taking on you and your loved ones.

The largest banks in the world were bailed out by our government, however I don’t remember hearing about any individuals being offered the same deal. In fact, in 2005 president Bush signed into law the “Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005” which makes consumers jump through more hoops to take advantage of bankruptcy protection. It was hailed at the time as the banking lobby’s greatest all-time victory. A few years later “At the height of the financial crisis, 18 very large financial institutions received $208.6 billion in TARP funding almost overnight, in many cases without having to apply for funding or to demonstrate an ability to repay taxpayers,” – Congressional Oversight Panel.

Individuals and small businesses are encountering some very serious headwinds these days. Unexpected medical bills, the loss of full employment, a sharp drop in demand for your products or services can lead to serious financial troubles. Life happens and that’s why there are federal laws designed to give you hope for the future and Delaware bankruptcy lawyers to guide you through the process. The banking industry may have successfully lobbied to make it more difficult but that just makes me work harder on your behalf. Call me or send an email to make an appointment for a no cost consultation and I can probably suggest something better than what you are experiencing now.